About US

HyGNX is a company committed to bringing traditional health products that have been proven to work for centuries.  Using our products you can exfoliate your whole body! Using HyGNX’s exfoliator mitt and clay only once a week both men and women can enjoy softer skin and feel rejuvenated.  Skin is the largest organ in our bodies and is also accessible enough that we can maintain and keep it healthy.  However, Luffa, sponges and regular bath mitts, along with soaps and body washes leave a layer of dead skin behind.  HyGNX exfoliator clay and mitt will remove the dead layer of the skin, release toxins, open up clogged pores, help get rid of cellulites, stretch marks, crow’s feet and fine lines under the eyes.  HyGNX is suitable for all skin types and when used as directed it will result in baby soft skin, you will genuinely feel rejuvenated  with a visibly radiant skin without spending a fortune on microdermabrasion.